Fire engineering design

  • Modern commercial building design reflects the demands of modern life and the ways in which people want to use the spaces around them. That applies as much to our homes as it does to our shops, offices, factories, schools and hospitals. Increasingly, it involves incorporating more light and larger, open areas into the building envelope. Fortunately, fire engineering is evolving apace, allowing us to play a vital part in the design, build and refurbishment processes.

    Thomson Fire offers a fire engineering design service based on today’s needs. That means working closely with designers and architects, and their clients, and being able to respond promptly with innovative ideas and practical suggestions. We’re often also called in to provide an independent evaluation of proposed fire engineered solutions, to test their functionality and ensure they meet end-users’ requirements

    Our core expertise is in developing creative fire engineered solutions for large, complex buildings. Often, the fire engineered design approach is the only way to ensure that the architect’s vision remains intact without compromising fire regulation compliance or user safety. Recent years have seen huge advances in our understanding of how smoke and fire move through buildings, allowing us to apply scientific solutions to engineering problems.

  • Fire engineering enables us to model how fire will build and spread, and to calculate how long it will take before hazardous conditions become critical. By comparing this with estimates of the time it will take for occupants to vacate a premises safely we are able to define a set of engineering and procedural parameters within which a building can safely – and legally – operate.

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