Independent fire investigation service

  • There are a number of circumstances in which it might suit an organisation to conduct its own independent fire investigation following an outbreak of fire. Larger fires, and those that may have involved criminal intent, are of course investigated by Fire Service scenes of crimes officers, however this does not prevent companies and individuals from commissioning their own fire investigations. And even though reassuringly few businesses suffer deliberate arson, that doesn’t mean that accidental fires deserve less attention. Lessons can be learned from even the smallest fire, and the resultant strengthening of procedures may help avoid a far greater disaster in future.

    Our fully qualified fire investigators have considerable experience investigating almost every type of fire (accidental and deliberate) in both commercial and residential premises. All come from a Fire Service background and are therefore used to working alongside emergency services and insurance investigatory teams. Accuracy, speed and impartiality are our priorities. Because we work independently we will often be able to report back preliminary findings before other parties are in a position to.

  • If you are uncertain whether a fire incident at your premises merits an independent fire investigation, please call our office for a chat. We will try to provide you with clear, impartial advice on your options and any fire safety compliance issues resulting from the incident itself.

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